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skate classes

Have you never skated but you’ve thought about trying? Or have you done it and want to evolve? Do you think you’re too old to adventure yourself? Have you developed any type of skate ramp or falling fear?

Or maybe you feel you have two left feet in sports?

If you identify yourself with any of the above situations, then these lessons are for you!

group classes

single lessons

You've never surfed and you don't know whether you like it or not? Come have a single lesson and you'll find out!

1 lesson 25€

*10% off for siblings/ parents

monthly fee

Do you want to evolve faster?

The monthly fee allows you to have weekly lessons under a lower price!

1 per week 60€

2 per week 115€

3 per week 170€

*10% off for siblings/ parents


Packs are suited for those who want to keep learning but don't have a regular schedule.

4 lessons 80€

8 lessons 150€

*Valid for 3 months

*10% off for siblings/ parents



These lessons allow you to evolve much faster or even to overcome some fear. Your teacher's attention is all yours.

1 lesson 50€

3 lessons 135€

5 lessons 200€

*Valid for 3 months

*10% off for siblings/ parents

what is included

- Skateboard

- Helmet & protections

- Insurance

- 1h30 lesson


- Tracksuit & sneakers 

- Sunscreen

- Bottle of water


- Transport

- Photo shoot/filming


- Wearing a helmet and protections is mandatory. In case the student refuses to wear them, it’s their parents’ responsibility. These must fill in the consent form available in the documents' tab.

- If the student refuses to wear a helmet or protections and the parents haven’t signed the consent form, they won’t be allowed to do the class, which will be charged, though.

- Monthly payment is due in the beginning of each month, prior to the 1st lesson.

- The prices presented correspond to 4-week months. In 5-week months an additional value is charged, according to the number of extra lessons;

 - If you choose the monthly fee option, you must attend classes every week. Absences will only be accepted and, thereby, compensated, when the reason is valid.

- In monthly fees, whenever there are no conditions to skate, physical training may be given.

Lesson cancellation, either single, pack or private must be done 24-hours before.

Otherwise, the lesson will be charged.

- Weather conditions may determine lessons to be postponed or cancelled.

- Cancelled lessons will not be charged.

- Group lessons upon a minimum of 3 students (no monthly fee system).

- Maximum of 6 students per teacher.

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