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birthday party

The best birthday parties involve doing sports with our best friends and relatives!

Wait no more to have the best b-day party ever!

You'll learn loads, always with much fun included!

What you are going to do


dress and undress wetsuits

learning to paddle on the boards 


carry the boards to the sea shore

learn to catch waves and slide (bb)


learn to do the take-off (surf)

Warm up with traditional games

what is included

- Surfboard/bodyboard

- Neoprene wetsuit

- Insurance

- Accredited teachers by the surf federation

- Invitation template

- 1hr 30 lesson

what to bring

- Swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit

- Sunscreen

- Beach towel

- Bottle of water


- Transport


- Photo shoot/filming 

important informations

- Minimum of 4 students.

- If there are no waves, don't worry, the party will still be funny!

- We'll do team games which always include surf/bodyboard material.

- If you want to bring snacks, you can always do a picnic at the beach and ask the nearby café to keep the birthday cake.

- Reservations should be done as soon as possible to guarantee a spot on the day/hour you want.

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