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The best birthday parties involve doing sports with our best friends and relatives!

Wait no more to have the best b-day party ever!

You'll learn loads, always with much fun included!

There are three options of celebrating with a skate under your feet. Which one is your favourite?

Skate at your house

Do you want to invite your friends for a snack at your house?

Do you also want to skate on your birthday?

Don't think twice, this will be your party!!

We take the ramps, you bring your friends!

Whatever your or your friends' level is, this party is suited for you!

skate outdoor

Would you like to spend your birthday skating, but you have no space at home?

Don't worry! We have the perfect solution for you!

We'll choose a good skating spot, take the ramps and the equipment.

You just need to bring your friends, a snack if you're hungry and a good mood.


Do you want to skate in your b-day party, but the other options don't suit you?

This is your best choice!

As the area may have other skaters, we'll have to use the available space and share it.

But don't worry, fun will always be there!

What is included

- Skateboard

- Helmet & protections

- Insurance

- Accredited teachers by the skate federation

- Invitation template 

- 1hr 30 lesson

what to bring

- Tracksuit and sneakers 

- Sunscreen

- Bottle of water


- Photo shoot/filming

- Transport

important informations

- Minimum of 4 students

- The students will not be forced to use the ramps unless they feel comfortable to do it. 

Skating is also possible without using the ramps.

- Wearing a helmet and protections is mandatory.  If any student refuses to wear them, it is their parents' responsibility and requires filling in the consent form available in the documents' tab.

- In the skatepark option we always depend on the availability, since it is a public place with other skaters. This doesn't occur in the other two options.

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